How to assess Customer Service Representatives?

November 26, 2019

In customer service sector, the turnover of staff tends to be high.  Training new staff, on the other hand, is considerably costly. Therefore it is essential to be able to measure both motivation and personality fit, among other factors, to make right hiring decisions. 

Many companies have decided to use a tailor-made test that is aligned to their needs in assessment. For example, when testing candidates for Customer Advisors, Swedbank uses in addition to cognitive ability test a special short version of Tripod's Personality Inventory SB-IK, designed to measure five core traits required in this job: Stress Tolerance, Gregariousness, Empathy, and Achievement Striving. It only takes 5-10 minutes to complete the test and it easily helps identify suitable candidates to continue the recruitment process.

 The Estonian Road Administration is also about to introduce a measure created as a special solution to assess candidates for Customer Assistants, Examiners and Pre-registration Inspectors. Besides the five core traits the new Tripod's Personality Inventory MTA-IK measures Irritability, Friendliness and Organisation, for example. Filling in the online questionnaire takes up to 10 minutes.

Tests are suited to check for and rule out risks arising from personality traits. If the candidate’s core traits differ too much from the profile required for the job, training and development need not give the desired result and costs caused by wrong hiring decisions may ensue.

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