10.09 Webinar: Psychological Tests in Recruitment and Team Analysis

August 21, 2020

Psychological tests give us information about people’s basic psychological traits which are otherwise difficult to assess. This helps cut down recruitment costs by reducing hiring mistakes, also get insights about teams and influencing strategies.

 At the webinar, HR professionals from Latvia and Lithuania will share their experience from working with Tripod tests when assessing specialists and managers, also when analysing teams and solving problems.

  HR professionals sharing experience

  •      Sandra Zelča, HR Business Partner, Jeld-Wen Latvia Assessing Specialists and Managers in Recruitment Projects with Tripod Tests.
  •      Kaspars Kotāns, Recruitment Department Manager, CV-Online Latvia. Using Tripod Tests in Recruitment Projects: Benefits and Lessons Learned.
  •      Rimgailė Butkuvienė, Personnel Assessment and Surveys Manager. People Link, Tripod’s partner in Lithuania. Testing Beyond Recruitment. Using Team Matrix to Understand the Team Dynamics.
  •      Liisa Raudsepp, Coach and Professional Supervisor, Tripod (Estonia).Facilitator.


  •       The webinar takes place in Zoom on at 10-11.30 on 10th of September.  We’ll send you an invitation beforehand.
  •       You will have an opportunity to take Tripod’s Personality Test NEO-TRI/2 for free and receive your feedback report to your e-mail.
  •       Participation is FREE.
  • Please register: tripod@tripod.ee