E-testing in Tripod

March 18, 2020

You can still order assessment of your candidates with Tripod’s tests. We have used Skype for assessment for years with candidates residing abroad and increasingly offered the opportunity to use e-testing also in Estonia. The clients of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund can keep using Tripod’s tests in the counselling process.

We will also continue coaching feedback for managers participating in development programmes, combining test results with coaching methods — in this field we have long-term excellent cooperation with the University of Tartu, TalTech, Swedbank and other organisations.

Skype allows for arranging testing on standard conditions: you need to instruct test takers in detail (http://tripod.ee/for-test-takers) and maintain video connection to rule out the use of external help. You can also carry out your feedback interview over Skype.

Tests enable you to manage a number of risks in recruitment with minimum time and cost, while you can analyse the core psychological profile of your candidate, which has a major impact on their approach to work and performance.

If you wish to use e-testing, please contact tripod@tripod.ee