Organisational surveys

Organisational surveys

We conduct surveys that help get an overview of the strengths of the organisation and its managers along with their development needs, as well as of the expectations of its employees and customers.

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We offer professional psychological tests developed in Estonia for recruitment, assessment and counselling.

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Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection

We offer full service for finding the best candidate professionally and efficiently.

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Coaching and training

Coaching and training

We are committed to offering a large array of development options to you and your team. We help map the situation and find ways to bring about the desired changes.

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Organisational surveys enable organisations  to understand their strengths and map their development needs. Customer and internal customer satisfaction surveys allow for understanding customer needs and developing cooperation, while 360 degree feedback provides a more personal approach to managers.
More information about surveys:

Job satisfaction survey

Satisfaction study serves as a consistent dialogue between staff and the organisation. The survey helps identify the strengths and development needs of an organisation. Having a better idea of expectations, the organisation can set goals that support its balanced development as well as the commitment and loyalty of its employees.

To collect data for job satisfaction survey, we use a questionnaire that serves as a confidential channel for the staff to express their honest and straightforward opinion. This promotes trust in the survey, which in turn encourages employees to contribute their opinion.

The more variety in the topics included, the more detailed information we can present about the working environment, units and different staff groups.

To carry out the survey efficiently, the service provider needs to know the organisation well, in order to cover all topics that are important for both the staff and the organisation.

360 degree feedback

360 degree feedback is a popular method for studying the competences of managers and specialists in an organisation. During the survey, the peers, direct reports and manager are asked to give feedback to an employee, while the self completes a similar questionnaire. The survey helps pinpoint the performance strengths of managers and specialists, their development needs, as well as discover hidden resources that can be put for good use for the success of the organisation.

360 degree feedback supports the evolvement of a fruitful dialogue between the manager and the self, and addresses the strengths and development needs. In the long run, the survey helps shape open and development-oriented organisation culture.

To collect feedback, a questionnaire is compiled in cooperation with the customer to cover competences necessary for the duties of the self. It is possible to rely on the competence model already used in the organisation, and if necessary, add questions to address competences specific to the organisation.

Customer surveys

Customer surveys allow for describing clearly the characteristics of a product or service as seen by their consumers. How customers perceive various aspects of a product or service, which of them is considered as the most important. The survey can also be used to identify the product or service whose properties suit the customer the best within a certain price range.

Internal customer satisfaction survey

Internal customer survey aims at facilitating and improving cooperation within an organisation, so that it could offer better quality for its external customers. An internal customer is an employee who uses the services or support offered by other departments ad well as cooperation partners. This way, each employee serves both as a customer and an employee in an organisation.

To conduct an internal customer satisfaction survey, we use questionnaires prepared for the service offered by certain department or cooperation partner. It is possible to use a universal questionnaire that suits all the departments and allows for comparing them, or a specific questionnaire, tailor-made to each department, which gives a more detailed insight.

Tailor-made solutions

Are you in a situation in which you need to carry out a survey but this does not relate to job satisfaction, 360 degree feedback, customer or internal customer satisfaction survey? You have your own vision but no idea how to put it to good use, and you would need help in its application? Our survey and development team has a solid academic background and willing to assist in finding the best methodology for your project.
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We offer professional psychological tests, developed in Estonia, for recruitment, assessment and counselling purposes. 

More information about tests:

For recruitment

In the tests intended for specialist positions, the result is compared to the average of the population, in the tests intended for managers or in specialised tests, to that of managers or a specific group in similar tests. Our measures can also be used to test your English skills.

We offer a personality inventory and mental ability scale for assessing people for specialist and managerial positions

-        Personality Inventory NEO-TRI/2  for specialists  /  Personality Inventory for Managers MPI

The test describes a person based on five principal personality traits. These include Emotional Stability, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience. In addition, the test measures a number of more specific traits related to these five aspects.

-        Mental Ability Scale for specialists  VVS /  Mental Ability Scale for managers MMAS

The test helps get an overview of the mental/ cognitive abilities of the test taker and predict his/her performance in solving abstract problems. The test intended for specialists describes verbal, arithmetical, spatial and general ability. The manager's test also includes a scale of arithmetical and logical thinking.

-        Visual Speed and Accuracy test for specialists

The test measures a specific aspect of mental abilities, which relates to analysis abilities. In other words, the test measures how quickly and accurately a person can process visual information. This serves as a precondition for successful performance in positions that require quick and precise analysis of written verbal and numerical information.

Special tests

We develop tests that are tailor-made to customer needs or designed for assessing people in a particular field, for example.

Of special tests, we offer for for use the Spatial Ability Scale RVS that is suitable for identifying potential in working in technology and IT. The data collected during the standardisation of the test confirm what has already been established by research: namely, that people working for science, technology, engineering and mathematics are characterised by a higher level of spatial abilities compared to others. The results of the test are generated in comparison with a norm group consisting of IT and technology specialists.

Language tests

We also offer tests for assessing English proficiency. They help predict how well the test taker would cope using his/her foreign language skills in various situations.

Tripod-ENG comprises four tests to assess different aspects of proficiency: understanding written text, understanding oral text, the ability to write or to speak in English.

We recommend selecting one or two tests for measuring the skills that are above all expected from the person to be tested.

For counselling

The tests developed by Tripod for counselling purposes can be used when selecting suitable curricula or career options in career or psychological counselling. The tests have been standardised on norm groups comprising Estonian school children and adults. The tests can be taken in Estonian and Russian. We will keeo the results for five years.

To administer the tests independently, a user is required to attend the test user training and obtain a licence. A licence is issued personally and for two years to those who pass the training. The holder of the licence is entitled to administer Tripod tests, interpret their results and give feedback to test takers. A licence can be extended for another period.

Cooperation for using tests

Options for using tests

1) You can order assessment and feedback from Tripod – we will take care of the entire process from contacting the test takers to testing and providing feedback to them to summing up the results for the customer. This option is usually suitable for companies who need tests only from time to time. Tests will be invoiced according to our price list, while service fee will be applies for organising the process and giving feedback. Both test takers and the customer will receive written results reports along with a counselling session.

Professional asessment services using Tripod tests are available for a variety of options:

  • assessment of candidates during recruitment and selection;

  • selection of participants to a development programme - often used for identifying management potential or discover talent;

  • finding management potential in a pool of employees - for planning development activities and promotions;

  • assessment for problem solving - when an employee makes little progress but underlying causes cannot be identified by other methods, such as an interview;

  • career counselling in an organisation - to help the staff map their strengths, abilities and skills. We also conduct interviews for identifying motivation, work interests and values as well as for drafting career plans.

Assessment can be combined with other services, such as career counselling, coaching or special training sessions designed to meet development needs.

2) You can attend test user training and administer tests independently. This option comes in handy if HR people wish to know more about using and interpreting tests, processing their results and communicating them to test takers. The training gives an overview of opportunities to apply testing in HR work in general, not only in assessment and recruitment. This also helps save on the service fee otherwise charged for assessment.

Test user training

We offer test user training both for HR people as well as (career) counsellors and psychologists.

For HR managers and specialists, we offer a three-day (2+1) day training on administering tests in recruitment, assessing new talents, supporting development and analysing teams.

For (career) counsellors and psychologists in Estonia we offer a two-day training for administering tests in counselling the youth and adults.

After the training, each participant will receive a personal licence that entitles him/her to administer tests and interpreting their results independently as well as to use our electronic testing environment.

You will usually find the training dates in the News section.

If you have questions or wish to attend a training, please contact:
Liisa Raudsepp, Psychologist and Consultant, liisa.raudsepp [at] or at +372 618 1572

Test seminars

We offer a variety of seminars to organisations for providing information about tests as well as for additional training and supervision of licensed test users. We also design and organise seminar based on specific customer needs - for example, concerning assessment of managers or IT professionals.

For more information about tailor-made seminars, please contact: Liisa Raudsepp, Psychologist and Consultant, liisa.raudsepp [at] or at +372 618 1572.

As a rule, seminars are carried out in small groups (6-10 participants) and we will be designed keeping in mind the needs of the attendants.

Research and references

Over the years, we have presented the tests developed by Tripod on international conferences and published information about the psychometric properties of the tests along with a variety of analyses of the data collected.
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RECRUITMENT and selection

We offer full service for finding the most suitable candidate professionally and efficiently.

Within over ten years, Tripod has successfully completed more than 200 recruitment projects in both public and private sector. Our customers range from Estonian branches of multinational corporations to small companies funded by Estonian capital.

More information about recruitment and selection:

Recruitment and selection process

We offer full service - together with the customer we map the search profile, contact potential candidates, interview and test them. You can find more detailed information about assessment here. We present three to five candidates who match the search profile best, followed by obtaining references for the final candidates. Depending on the profile, we use executive search, database search or publicly advertised search. If necessary, we combine the methods for a better outcome.

Before making the offer, we wish to discuss the task ahead and the expectations for the future employee in greater detail. The price depends on the position and the search method. The search process usually takes three to six weeks.

As a guarantee, we will find a new employee if the chosen candidate leaves the company within six months because of inability to cope with their duties.  

Executive search

In executive search, we first map the areas where we can find suitable candidates for the customer as agrees.  We usually include candidates who already work for a similar organisation. We contact them and provide information about the vacancy.

Executive search is used for recruiting managers and specialists and in areas where there is little movement on the labour market. Of the search methods, executive search requires the longes time to complete.

Database search

In database search, we look for suitable candidates from various public databases (e.g. LinkedIn, CV-Online, among our own pool of contacts). we contact candidates who have published their CV and this way shown their interest to receive job offers.

As there are numerous candidates in databases, it can take a long time to go through them, or the final pool will include people who are in fact not suited for the job. This is where we can help: we have a thorough experience in using databases, thanks to which we can search the right sources, fast and efficiently.

Publicly advertised search

In publicly advertised search, we search among the candidates who have responded to the job ad. We publish the job ad in the print and/or online media agreed with the customer. Information about the job can be shared in newspapers, job portals, newsletters of professional organisations or communicated for example as an article (content marketing).

Based on our experience, we can recommend the best solutions. We discuss opportunities with the customer in every search adn select the channels that deliver the message straight to the target audience.  Unlike in database search, publicly advertised search also targets candidates who are not on the lookout for a new career opportunity.

It is also worthwhile to note that publicly advertised search can be used for promoting the employer's brand and delivering messages to the public, e.g. about the expansion of the company.
development begins with people

COACHING and training

We commit to developing you and your team in the areas of cooperation, interpersonal skills and performance efficiency.  

We help map the current state of affairs, launch change and reach the desired outcome.

More information about coaching and training:


What is coaching? As one of our clients put it, coaching is quality time spent with yourself to think about life, work and plans for the future. To discover new opportunities, take a fresh look at things and go on with new-found energy.

Coaching is a structured conversation that has a clear goals and in the course of which we will assist you or your team in:

  • mapping important topics or development needs, a current situation in an area
  • identifying the desired change or prospect
  • setting thoroughly planned goals
  • identifying strengths and resources
  • drafting action plans
  • finding new energy and motivaton to keep going in the chosen direction
  • releasing resources for creativity and fresh solutions

A coach works to support a person to achieve what he/she wishes to achieve, and even more. Coaching can be useful in elaborating certain skills or copetences, or working on beliefs and values. Coaching can mean just one meeting but more often it is a process expanding over three to six months or up to one year. Over that period, we will commit to assisting you in implementing the desired change and solutions.

Individual coaching can lead to:

  • greater awareness of yourself, your wishes and needs
  • more energy and inspiration to implement change
  • clearer goals
  • more self-confidence
  • more enjoyable work
  • achieving the desired outcome

What is coaching for a team? Above all, it often means looking into a mirror - who we are, what we do and where we are heading? What encouranges and inspires us? What wears us down? What are our stengths? What are our stumbling blocks? What kind of dreams we have and how can these be made a reality?

Team coaching can lead to: 

  • more clarity and better understanding of a situation
  • better relations between peers and managers
  • improved use of team resources (abilities, knowedge, skills)
  • greater staff dedication
  • more joy of work
  • achieving the goals set and even more
How to order coaching?

Each coaching project starts from a meeting and discussion of customer needs: mapping the situation as it is, and outlining the desired change. This allows for considering various options and determining on both parts if individual or team coaching would be the best way to the outcome. There are no fees or obligations related to such preliminary meetings.

At the meetings, we will agree on a suitable fomr of cooperation: training pr development day, individual or team coaching or organisation supervision - working on structural changes on the level of the organisation. The parties will plan how and when they should assess the change, agree on the criteria and assessment methods.

Coaching sessions are provided by Psychologist and Consultant Liisa Raudsepp.

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Career counselling

People often contact us in order to discuss planning their career: What are my strengths? Where would I fit in the best? What I would actually like to do with my life?

Starting from 2015, we are happy to offer an opportunity to discuss your career and life plans with our counsellor and consultant. We use a solution-focused approach and build our work on coaching principles. In addition to traditional discussions we use a variety of creative methods (including psychodrama, bodywork, etc.) and tests.  

We help
  • see the 'big picture'
  • setting the sail and goals
  • map resources and strengths
  • find long-lost motivation
  • boost self-confidence
  • draft career plans

Whenever necessary, we commit to long-term cooperation to support customers in achieving their goals, overcoming internal obstacles and improving self-confidence.

Counselling enables you to see your life from a new perspective, develop self-awareness and build a positive future for yourself.

Counselling services are offered by Liisa Raudsepp, a Psychologist and Consultant. Liisa is also the Chair of the Association of Estonian Career Counsellors.

If you are interested, please contact: liisa.raudsepp [at] or +372 618 1572.


We design and conduct an array of training sessions depending on customer needs. As a rule, the training programmes are tailor-made, i.e. we first identify particular needs and then raft our vision of how to respond to these needs.

If you wish to start using the tests offered by Tripod in recruitment or counselling, please refer to test user training.

We organise various seminars and workshops regarding all our competences, such as using tests for recruitment, e-recruitment, 360 degree feedback, job satisfaction survey, etc.

We increasing rely on group coaching approach that empowers the attendants to set their own development goals, become more aware of their strengths, learn from experience and master their own development process.

We use a large pool of creative and active methods for a better and more efficient outcome.

We have provided training sessions in the following areas:

  • evaluation interviews
  • career counselling
  • recruitment
  • cooperation skills
  • management through coaching
  • creative methods in counselling
We will be happy to discuss your training needs.